So.. what’s new?  We recently ran a practical training workshop in London; ‘Building Resilience in Young People.’
It was a fantastic day together and – as ever – it was wonderful to meet such a dedicated collective of teaching staff and school nurses.  Apart from the obvious benefits of gaining knowledge and training, it was a great opportunity for encouragement and replenishment.
Anybody working in a school will know how much effort and sacrifice it takes to persevere, especially in increasingly tough conditions… Many staff choose to continue in the profession out of genuine care for children and young people – and this isn’t something that should be overlooked!  It’s so important to be valued and appreciated, and for many reasons that we could list, this just isn’t happening enough.
For those of you that can, make it a priority to take a day out and attend some quality training.  Let us look after you, enjoy networking with like-minded colleagues and feel enthused as you return equipped with new ideas.

Strategies for building resilience can be applied to people of all ages.  We’d like to share a couple of useful tips from the training workshop which you can implement as part of your practice:

If you notice that yourself or the person you’re working with has an intrusive/ distressing thought, is reacting to an image/ memory or trigger, try STOPP.
T = Take a breath
O = Observe 
– describe the feelings, sensations, thoughts etc
P = Pull back or Perspective – what’s the bigger picture?  Is this fact/ opinion?  Is there another way of viewing this?
P = Practice what works – what is the best thing to do right now?  For me, others, the situation

Our Building Resilience training workshop is also available as an in-house event.  Get in touch if you’d like to know more!