Following on from last month’s post, I’ve started to notice more success stories – it’s unsurprising because certain things tend to jump out when they’re already on your mind.

One story that has really got my attention is that of Patricia Bright, beauty blogger and YouTube sensation – I’m sure everybody under the age of 25 knows of her, but I only heard about her very recently thanks to an article I was reading! It’s easy to scoff at people like this because it seems too easy and almost unbelievable that entire careers can be built in such a way… one assumes they came from wealthy backgrounds already or have special ‘connections’.

It’s not the case with Patricia at all. In fact, she’s a first-generation Brit of immigrant parents and spent much of her childhood watching (and helping) her Mother toil away because her Father was deported. Although it was tough, she didn’t resent her parents for not being able to fund her. She began earning money for herself aged 13, as a playground hair stylist. When she was 14, she spent an entire summer door knocking and earning commission delivering catalogues and taking orders. The income was tiny, but by the end of it she’d saved £200 and was truly proud. The work experience she’d built up easily gained her a ‘real’ job and by 16 she was working part-time in retail whilst studying. It wasn’t all enjoyable, but she knew she had to work hard if she wanted to make something of herself. Here’s a recent quote of hers (from Twitter):

Patricia is now a huge success although she admits it hasn’t been easy along the way. It clearly takes a lot of time, grit and determination, but she is proof that anybody can make something of themselves. Our past doesn’t have to define our future and often the biggest limitation is our own mind. Patricia has a new book out next year called “Heart & Hustle: What it Takes to Make it to the Top.” If you know of somebody who needs inspiring, perhaps it will be a good buy? Either way, her experience certainly inspires me and I hope that more people learn of stories like this.

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