It’s well-known that staff feel more valued and happier in their work when employers invest in them, prioritising their wellbeing and job satisfaction.  One of those ways is of course putting time aside for meaningful training, so that individuals feel encouraged and equipped for the days ahead.  I don’t often blog about feedback – however at this time of year for any individual, reflecting on all the positives can be inspirational and help prepare one’s mindset for the year.

The staff at Marymount International School gathered together before their pupils arrived back for a new term and what a warm bunch they were!  In the pictures above, star presenter Esther delivers a morning workshop on ‘Building Resilience in Young People’.

Here’s what the headmistress said:
“This is great professional development…really!  Faculty enjoyed terrific tips from Olive Branch today at our in-service. Joy, self-care and resilience: What a way to start the new term!”

What did the staff think?  Here are a few snippets:
“Well presented, reassuringly positive.”
“Much needed insights into resilience building with teenagers.”
“It was very useful for my students, especially in my PSHE class. Also, I will out these contents into practice in my personal life.”
“I really enjoyed the entire workshop.”
“Increased understanding of mindfulness. Great techniques in calmness and caring for others.”

“Insightful and thought-provoking.”

If you decide you’d like to invest in your staff in this way, give us a try!