The Summertime blues might sound like a strange phrase but it’s not unusual for many people to struggle.  As summer approaches there’s often a sense of excitement and anticipation! If you’ve been looking forward to the summer for a while, the reality can sometimes let you down.  Here are a few common reasons why:

  • For parents – keeping the kids endlessly occupied can be exhausting, not to mention the lack of space/ quiet
  • FOMO – other people appear to be having more fun!
  • No holiday booked/ you’re already back from it…
  • The weather you were hoping for has not materialised
  • Beach body envy or perhaps feeling self-conscious about wearing fewer layers
  • Feeling the ill-effects of alcohol or food indulgence
  • Not enough sleep – longer daylight hours interfering (and/ or many other factors)
  • You’re suffering with your mental health – most commonly; stress, depression or anxiety​

So what can you do to help yourself/ gain a much-needed boost…?

Here are a few ideas that might be worth a try:

  • Purposefully consider your NUTRITION – what you put into your body will directly impact on the way that you feel.  Plan ahead and include a wide variety of seasonal fruits & vegetables in your shop, alongside the other essentials… Think colourful as ‘eating the rainbow’ often maximises health benefits and nutrients.
  • Drink more water – it sounds so simple but the benefits are endless!  If you find it hard to remember – there are some well-designed water bottles out there which act as a fab reminder (like this one).
  • Talking therapy – this is proven to be extremely effective plus you don’t have to be rich… it’s available on the NHS.  Find out more here!
  • Plan ahead and diarise a handful of activities that you know will bring you life and re-energise you.  Your chosen activities may be well be solo or social and don’t need to cost much.
  • Prevent potential cabin fever… Get outdoors as much as you can!  Get a map out, choose your radius and explore a location that’s new to you.