September is well known for being a month of new beginnings and that is certainly the case for me! Just a couple of weeks ago we welcomed a new arrival into our family… our first baby, a little boy who we’ve named Teddy.
With this monumental change many challenges have naturally arisen, however the overriding factor is most definitely beholding the miracle of new life and nothing brings it home quite like having a child of your own.
Over the coming months I look forward to sharing a little more of our new adventure with you. One major question that springs to mind… is it possible to run a business and look after a baby? I hope so! Although I don’t intend to drop everything, my involvement will be in a much reduced capacity so that I can appreciate these precious early months. Much of Olive Branch’s daily business will be in the capable hands of my trustworthy colleagues and I hope you have a warm experience should you communicate with them.

What’s new on your horizon?  As you take on new challenges or walk into a fresh season, I hope the positives outweigh the negatives!  May you continue to grow as a person and make an impact as you go about your daily life…

Feel free to comment/ discuss!  See you next time.