World Mental Health Day will be here on Thursday 10th October 2019.

This is a wonderfully useful opportunity to raise and add to the wider discussion about mental health, whether that’s in the workplace or in your personal life.  In recent years mental health awareness has certainly been on the rise, however there is still plenty of stigma hanging about… I believe that we need to continue our efforts by regularly keeping mental health in our conversations as well as continually looking to improve specialist skills.
Much of the remaining stigma tends to be around mental health conditions which are lesser understood and also those that are more frightening, such as suicide.  With suicide being the focus for WMHD 2019 there’s lots that you can do and get involved in!  Check out for loads of resources and more.

If you’d like any training for your workplace on suicide prevention, please do get in touch.  We’re here to help you make an impact and it would be our absolute privilege to work with you.