This month I thought I would just share a few mood-boosting ideas. I’m not assuming everybody needs their mood boosting but I hope it comes in handy… whether you’re struggling with long-term low moods or the occasional downer, both scenarios are very common!

I include myself in need of some mood-boosting!  Like many others, my once thriving business has been completely slammed thanks to the pandemic and being honest… despite best efforts, there is still no real hope in sight. Sometimes I find it hard not to feel defeated and lose the will to keep pressing on, especially when it all seems a bit pointless.

HOWEVER, I feel it’s important to focus on the fact that circumstances don’t define us!  Things will eventually be ok and, worrying achieves absolutely nothing.

SO here some tips that I need to pay attention to and maybe a few others out there too:


  1. Spend at least 20 mins outside every day whatever the weather, and absorb the fresh air
  2. Try to do less… impossible perhaps!? To-do lists never end, so do less and for goodness sake sit down occasionally
  3. Allow yourself a drink.  I don’t mean become an alcoholic but – in moderation – it’s a great way to unwind!
  4. Play one of your favourite songs (perhaps during one of the above tips)
  5. Move your body – even if you only have time to stretch. But moving more will help!
  6. Help a stranger/ do something good for no reason
  7. Laugh & smile more. Even if you have to force yourself… it still works!
  8. Deliberately and slowly, smell something nice like a lemon, rosemary or some peppermint
  9. Eat more fish – Omega 3 found in fish oil actively reduces stress & depression. A great natural way to benefit mood health long term.
  10. Pray!