Now that there isn’t much of 2020 left, it feels somewhat of a relief!  Imagine the huge array of unique experiences and stories out there (good and bad) from people across the globe.  This year some will have had far more quiet time and space for reflection whilst others will have felt more pressured than ever, being pulled in multiple directions.  I doubt you’ll have any difficulty knowing which category you fall into!

Amongst these different experiences I thought it would be interesting to find out what people have learnt from this year.  I talked to a handful of willing souls from a variety of backgrounds to see what they had to say:

This year I have learnt that we don’t need some of the distractions of life and when the times get tough all we need is family, friends and the things that matter most.  G, age 14

In slowing down, taking time to appreciate what may seem like an ordinary everyday by focusing on valuing each and every contact/ friend/ family member you connect with as valuable and to purposefully search for little moments of delight, which for me is fresh air and nature!  K, age 48

It’s given me greater appreciation of home and the things I value about it.  The sound of the lady upstairs happily chatting to her family whilst she cooks, the wind rushing past the house and the quiet calm of day and night.  I appreciate my space more and the safety I feel in that familiarity.  It’s a small part of the world I can control somewhat even in the chaos around us.  J, age 27

As always, to be half full instead of half empty.  J, age 66

It’s taught me that the people who love me don’t love me any less when they are separate from me.  It’s not conditional on having to be physically present.  A, age 29

I’ve learnt not to take seeing friends and family for granted.  S, age 36

I have learnt that whilst being independent and self-sufficient, living on my own during the week and managing the kids and house stuff on my own is great and empowering, it’s actually quite nice to have my husband working at home, not just to help out with chores (although it’s great!) but also to feel like a real family and for the kids to have both their parents around and being an actual family, each of us with our routines, but coming together in the evenings and not just at the weekends.  E, age 36

I’ve learnt how to do ‘Zoom’ which for a technophobe is pretty impressive!  K, 68

If there’s one thing I have learnt, it’s that we humans are infinitely able to adapt!  M, age 49

The thing I’ve learnt from this year is not to take my freedom for granted.  I used to do whatever I wanted, be it visiting friends or going shopping. But not this year.  This year I have had to stop and think who I see, whilst wearing an uncomfortable mask.  In some ways I have lost a year of my life… but I like to see things differently.  From now on, I will never take my freedom for granted again.  So rather than losing a year of my life, I have actually won back the rest of my life!  M, age 55 & a bit

If there is one thing that you have learnt from this year, what is it?