The things we learnt…

Now that there isn’t much of 2020 left, it feels somewhat of a relief!  Imagine the huge array of unique experiences and stories out there (good and bad) from people across the globe.  This year some will have had far more quiet time and space for reflection whilst others will [...]

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10 ways to boost your mood

Hello! This month I thought I would just share a few mood-boosting ideas. I’m not assuming everybody needs their mood boosting but I hope it comes in handy… whether you’re struggling with long-term low moods or the occasional downer, both scenarios are very common! I include myself in need of [...]

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Caring for distressed and traumatised pupils on their return to school

As schools welcome the return of all pupils, staff are faced with pupils experiencing significant distress, trauma or bereavement, following the Covid-19 lockdown. A recent survey by Young Minds highlights that, 80% of young people agreed that the coronavirus pandemic had made their mental health worse and 87% agreeing that [...]

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Coronavirus: How to manage Anxiety when working from home

A lived experience perspective from Inspirational Speaker on the Lived Experience of Mental Health — Nick Elston. Hey everyone, First & foremost — I hope that you are all staying safe, well & strong at this time. Even though we are all in it together — with our own set of [...]

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Home Isolation – 4 Months and counting…

Anxiety is a word that we probably all have some understanding or experience of, whether it ranges from a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease, to our heart racing and feeling sweaty and shaky.  Often anxiety can actively change our responses or behaviour and there are of course those that [...]

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Developing confident management skills

For most of us, our confidence fluctuates. While we may be an assertive and self-assured person in our home and social lives, our confidence at work is highly dependent on the environment in which we are operating, the position we have and the roles and responsibilities we are tasked with. [...]

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