Clinical Updates


First-Rate Sports Injury Provision

Successful Management, Effective Support and Up-to-date Treatment

This practical course allows participants to swiftly improve skills and confidence enabling them to offer highly effective and up-to-date sports injury provision within their organisation.
​Key learning objectives include:

  • Accurately assessing and grading musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries
  • Recognising warning signs of more sinister conditions
  • Assessing thresholds for referral and further investigation
  • Successfully managing soft tissue injuries
  • Improving understanding of issues around anatomical position and planes and axis of movement
  • Dealing with concussion and C-spine injury

Two Day Introduction to Childhood and Adult Immunisation Training

Essential Knowledge, Core Skills and Latest Changes

This two-day course provides Registered Nurses who are new to childhood immunisations with essential childhood immunisation training, aimed at clinicians who provide the full range of immunisations covered in the routine UK schedules for children and adults. The training covers all areas of immunisation knowledge and is interactive, allowing participants to check their understanding of each session before moving on.

N.B: 1-Day updates course also available.

​Key learning objectives for the two-day course include:

  • Understanding the aims of immunisation and how vaccines work
  • Complying with national vaccine policy and schedules
  • Knowing how vaccine preventable diseases are transmitted
  • ​Understanding different types of vaccine
  • Complying with the legal requirements for administering vaccines
  • Understanding precautions, potential side effects and contraindications to immunisation
  • Adhering to safe vaccine handling, storage and cold chain guidelines
  • Ensuring correct administration of vaccines
  • Managing anaphylaxis and adverse reactions
  • Making sure your record-keeping, documentation and reporting are watertight
  • Communicating with patients, parents and carers
  • Strategies for optimising immunisation uptake

Travel Health Training

Key Knowledge, Skills and Updates

This course provides Registered Nurses with essential travel health training.
​Key learning objectives include:

  • Knowing which vaccinations are required and/or recommended
  • Identifying and managing risks and hazards
  • Vaccine administration – a step by step guide
  • Vaccination for vector-borne diseases, including an in-depth look at malaria
  • Rabies – essential knowledge and recent developments
  • Essential travel health updates for Practice Nurses

Radical Changes to Malaria Protection (Registered Nurses)

An Essential Update on PHE’s latest Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention (ACMP) Guidelines

This one day course provides an in-depth look at recent major changes to malaria prevention advice, and provides nursing teams with the chance to check their understanding of the latest guidelines.

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