Personnel Development


Developing Emotional Intelligence

Successful Outcomes for Positive Attitudes, Improved Wellbeing and Productive Teams

There are proven benefits to increasing emotional intelligence. These include improved mental health, better job performance, and better relationship maintenance. Emotional intelligence is closely linked with empathy and allows us to better express ourselves and interpret the behaviour of others.
Key learning objectives include:

  • Analysing how we as humans construct our understanding of ourselves and others
  • Exploring models to provide highly effective communications and build strong working relationships
  • Practical strategies for stress-free outcomes
  • Taking control: reducing and precluding stress and anxiety

How to be an Amazing Middle Leader

Leading and managing a team for success

This day course will allow new and existing team leaders to review their skills, audit their strengths and receive invaluable guidance for helping them significantly develop their team. It is suitable for those who have been newly appointed in their role and also those who may have been in post for a few years. Typical attendees include Heads of Year, Estate Managers, Catering Managers and Finance Managers.
Key learning objectives include:

  • Exploring the makings of a brilliant team leader
  • Assessing your current strengths – where are you at now?
  • How to delegate and get the best from your team
  • Evaluating yourself and others
  • Successfully managing challenges and difficult situations

Working on the Front Line

Building outstanding customer care skills for the public face of your school

Staff working on the front line are not only the face of your organisation, they’re also the first to take the brunt of negative behaviour from customers, visitors or parents. By valuing and investing in their wellbeing, you will boost morale and equip them with the strategies they need to take control when things go wrong, promote positive behaviour and provide outstanding customer service. As well as being ideally suited to reception staff, the course is appropriate for any staff coming into regular contact with customers & parents.
Key learning objectives include:

  • Successfully working under pressure
  • Active communication strategies
  • Projecting the right image
  • Promoting positive behaviour
  • Dealing effectively with aggression – understanding escalators and using de-escalators
  • Taking control when things go wrong… protecting yourself and others

Developing Confident Management Skills

Foundational strategies and techniques for building a successful team

This course has been especially designed to develop support staff who have been promoted into positions requiring them to manage other staff as well as those who are looking for new ways of successfully leading their team. It can also be adapted and delivered to those who are already in middle management positions.

Key learning objectives include:

  • Knowing where you are going – beginning with the end in mind
  • Empowering yourself and increasing your visibility within the school
  • Planned approaches for preventing potential conflict with staff
  • Successfully handling difficult conversations
  • Creating a cohesive, high performing and effective team
  • Incorporating and developing pastoral care

Tackling RAcism, S**ism, LGBTQ-Phobia and Harassment

The Essential Guide for Transforming School Culture

There is an urgent need in schools to ensure that cultures are swiftly transformed to enable all students and staff to thrive and succeed. This training provides a masterclass in getting to grips with racism, misogyny, LGBTQ-phobia and harassment. Content explores how to successfully create an inclusive and welcoming environment, alongside practical takeaways that can be implemented. There will also be the opportunity to significantly deepen understanding around the issues of gender, sex and race that continue to perpetuate inequality in society and undermine human value.

This course is suitable for those who are new to the role of EDI Officer, PSHE leads, inclusion leads and SLT looking to deepen their understanding in this topic.

Key Learning objectives include:

• Understanding how unconscious bias impacts schools and society

• Exploring systemic/ institutional discrimination is in its different forms

• Understanding more about gender identity and supporting students who are questioning/transitioning

• Tackling sexism, racism & LGBTQ+ discrimination in the day-to-day

• The 10 principles of anti-discriminatory practice and how they apply in your school/ classroom

• Growing an Inclusive school culture: school improvement roadmap

Managing Complex Behaviour

One Step Beyond Lion Taming – Working Effectively with Challenging Behaviour and Conflict

This course has been designed to enhance skills in dealing with difficult and volatile situations.
​Key learning objectives include:

  • Successfully identifying specific behaviours to encourage or minimise
  • Understanding and analysing what generates both disruptive and positive behaviour
  • ​Demonstrating and pro-actively promoting positive behaviour
  • ​Applying a range of diffusing/ de-escalating techniques during crises
  • ​Exploring examples, stories and strategies for good practice

Successful Data Protection in Schools and Colleges

Practical Strategies and Updates for Meeting & Maintaining Full Legal GDPR Compliance

When the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) became law in the UK at the end of May, your obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018 required you to ensure that necessary measures were in place. This comprehensive, specialised and interactive training day is led by expert presenter Naomi Korn, Managing Director of one of the sector’s leading information law specialists. This practical course uses PowerPoint free training techniques and encourages participatory learning. The course is suitable for those who have previously attended a GDPR training session, as well as those relatively new to the topic. The training is essential for the ongoing success and smooth management of data protection within your establishment.
Key training objectives include:

  • Exploring ongoing data protection requirements
  • Implementing practical steps to remain compliant with your legal obligations
  • Developing and maintaining an implementation plan, including discussions about training and raising awareness amongst your staff
  • Developing model documents and templates for your establishment

Successfully Handling Difficult Conversations

Strategies for Effective Communication, Dealing with Conflict and Achieving Better Outcomes

Although difficult conversations are a part of life, many of us prefer to avoid them. Excellent assertiveness skills are a key attribute to successful communication and using them in the right way equips us with the potential to transform situations. Putting these skills and strategies into practice not only reduces stress, it also enables effective management of challenging situations, helping us to achieve desirable outcomes.
​Key learning objectives include:​​

  • Developing emotional intelligence and analysing how we as humans construct our understanding of ourselves and others
  • Exploring and using models to provide highly effective communications – building and preserving strong working relationships
  • Significantly improving your influencing skills and increasing cooperation
  • Dealing effectively with criticism and conflict
  • Practical strategies and techniques to increase confidence and encourage stress-free outcomes

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