Resilience and Mindfulness Techniques for Pupils, and Staff, in Prep Schools – Strategies, exercises and activities to promote positive mental health and wellbeing

Course Aim
With pupils’ stress levels at an all-time high, this practical course explores how resilience and mindfulness techniques can help pupils talk about their feelings, develop self-regulatory behaviour and improve their emotional wellbeing.
In addition, those attending will be able to try out a range of mindfulness and self-care techniques to use themselves, as staff who use these techniques in their every-day lives are significantly better equipped to share the principles with pupils.

Key learning objectives:
❖ Using resilience and mindfulness techniques to help pupils explore their feelings
❖ Helping pupils to develop coping strategies, and ways to calm themselves and manage stress
❖ Using strategies to encourage self-regulatory behaviour and develop emotional wellbeing within pupils
❖ Practical ways to help pupils develop higher levels of self-esteem, and improved memory and concentration
❖ How staff can use mindfulness to promote their own self-care, build resilience and avoid burn out
❖ Easy ways to build mindfulness into your own daily routine
❖ Activities and creative tools for different age ranges to use in whole-class settings, with groups and on a 1:1 basis
❖ Encouraging pupils to become ‘present’ and develop concentration skills
❖ Helping pupils develop self-compassion and self-care strategies

Course fees are £225 + VAT per person. Discounts available for 2+ delegates.

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06 11 2020


10:00 am - 3:45 pm


Course fees are £225 + VAT per person. Discounts available for 2+ delegates

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